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Published on January 21st, 2014 | by Gerard Castaneda


Indian Startup RHL Vision Offers their Fin Wearable Tech Device on Indiegogo

RHL Vision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has created an Indiegogo campaign to raise $100,000 for their Fin device. Fin is a ring that goes on the thumb that allows the user to control their devices through hand gestures.

RHL Vision’s Indiegogo page has more details on the device.  Fin is a Bluetooth enabled device that can connect to smartphones, smart TVs, and even automobiles. While wearing a Fin, users can turn their palms into a touch interface so that they can dial numbers and answer calls from their smartphone. The makers say the device can be used as a remote for smart TVs. Users can just swipe their fingers to change channels and control sound. Users can also change music and navigate maps while driving and wearing the device.

The device can also be used to share data with just a tap of the finger and it can also serve as a controller for games. Backers can get a Smart Version Fin for $99 plus shipping charges while developers can get a developers’ version for $79 plus shipping.

RHL has already created a first and second prototype of the device and are already in the testing and product design phases. Their calendar shows them manufacturing the product starting this April and that they plan to ship the product by July.

The team behind Fin were able to raise close to $5,800 of their $100,000 goal on their Indiegogo campaign with 33 days still left of the 45-day campaign. That’s still quite some ways to go but hopefully the team can get backers who will order a FIN Retail package for $3,050 which includes 25 Fin devices and 25 Fin t-shirts.

Indian Wearable Tech Startup RHL Vision

According to their website, RHL Vision was founded in 2012 and are working in several tech fields including computer vision, augmented reality, natural user interface, and of course – touchless and wearable computing. The startup was incubated in the Startup Village in Kochi.

Recently, the startup was a finalist in the 2014 Hardware Battlefield in Las Vegas. Previously, the company was also selected as the only Indian company to go to the Pioneers Challenge 2013 in Vienna. Fin also helped them win second place in the Microsoft Bizspark Startup Challenge last year.

Wearable tech is a hot field right now especially after the introduction of Google Glass and judging by how many products in this category were displayed at this year’s CES. Realizing the opportunities in this field, Taiwan’s Foxconn is offering to invest in 20 Asian startups that are specializing in wearable tech.

RHL Vision’s decision to crowdfund their Fin device will not only help them raise funds but also help them get more media attention. Toy startup Roam & Wander made the same decision and they were able to successfully raise $25,000 on their Kickstarter campaign for their app-connected plush bunny doll called “TuTu.” Startups should seriously consider entering their projects on crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter especially if they are offering tech hardware like the Fin that is easy to ship.

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